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Before                                                                                                       After

17 years old                                                                                        28 years old

310 lbs                                                                                                     190 lbs

42-in waist                                                                                             32-in waist

37% Body Fat                                                                                   16% Body Fat


I am a trainer who understands the struggle of being overweight and having health issues that occur with it. Like most people I did not like working out or eating healthy, so over the years I have practiced and developed my own unique style of training for massive weight loss and building stamina, all while building your strength and sculpting your form. I incorporate functional movements, full body circuits, bodyweight and weight training for fast and fun workouts that will achieve the best results. My style and intensity varies based upon my client’s needs: from new moms, military, youths and athletes. Remember every pound is a milestone in which you should be proud of!