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I naturally fell into the fitness profession, and began training friends and relatives. They inspired me to train and help others realize the importance of a healthy lifestyle.

I enjoy taking clients into a creative yet challenging level of fitness, in a safe and professional manner. My disciplines consist of flexibility, core strengthening, functional strength and agility, strength and conditioning, and weight training.

It would be my honor to train and help you develop a self-sufficient healthy lifestyle.

Testimonials from Cesar’s clients:

I needed to get stronger and gain endurance. It’s been 8 months of training with Cesar. This guy knows how to train. You will be challenged but not to the point of throwing up. His approach is not reckless but professional and safe. Sometimes we train from his home; where he has enough equipment for just about everything. Sometimes my house and sometimes the local park. My body fat percentage has dropped without a crazy fab diet, but rather with a steady, consistent, clean eating. His diet advice is practical, healthy, and sustainable. I feel stronger and more confident. There is also a tougher attitude I acquired from his health principles. I have been recommending him to my friends and coworkers.

-Karlo A.

I have been training with Cesar for more than 6 months now; what can I say, it’s been a great experience. Creative programs that challenge the complete body. I’m losing inches yet gaining strength and toning up. My co-workers are noticing and making continuous compliments. I notice that my metabolism is working much better. I’m sweating more now and feel healthier and sharper. The diet advice along with holding me accountable for my daily decisions makes his services one of the best investments I have for my overall health. I strongly recommend Cesar as a personal trainer. You will not be disappointed!

-Arlien B.