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Ciara Short is our Manager of Stakeholder Relations and Business Development. Ciara is tasked with developing the athletic training division of Mobile Fitness Group and with deepening the tie between the community and the MFG brand.

Our athlete training division will focus on the enhancement of speed and conditioning to youth, collegiate, and professional athletes, as well as those looking to train like an athlete.

Ciara has a deep background as a world class USA Sprinter, having represented team USA in the women’s 4×4 meter relay in addition to preparing for the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo. In her earlier career as a collegiate at Cal State Fullerton, she was denoted 2x Division 1 All-American Honors, and is a 10x School Record Holder which ranks her as the best athlete in school history. We are very excited to not only have her expertise but to open a new division within MFG.

Another key role Ciara will take on is deepening the tie between the community and the MFG brand. From our training team to client relations, we are extending our brand into the local environment.

MFG will feature group fitness, events for weekend warriors, and youth and athletic camps. We will create a social buzz within our communities. Our goal is to meet every client need and to enhance the community experience. Keep a look out for a new social event- you will not want to miss out!