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Ciara is an excellent functional trainer and this means you will get a great total body workout! She will push you to find your personal strengths and then you will develop strengths you never knew you had.

Having such a strong background in Track and Field, Ciara will push you to your max and also teach you how to properly engage your core all at the same time. What makes her so unique is she trains each client differently and according to their strengths. You will never train beyond your current level. This is extremely important because Ciara fosters a safe and comfortable training environment for all.

Ciara has trained athletes from all levels as well as those simply looking to shed a few pounds- her training style is extremely versatile. Getting the best out of her clients is not only a guarantee but also a fact. Her success rate is 100% for those looking to: tone up, lower body fat, and improve speed & strength.

Ciara’s degree in Kinesiology “the study of human movement” and experience as a professional track athlete separates her from many personal trainers, having diligently learned and explored the body. But what truly separates her is her infectious personality. You will have great experience training with Ciara while getting a great workout all at the same time.