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Cristina Chan

Cristina’s focus on endurance, strength, coordination, and flexibility transforms her clients to be in the most lean and athletic shape they have ever experienced. She understands that everyone has a different fitness journey, and is passionate about making that journey as simple, attainable and most importantly, fun! Her belief is to train to be the most powerful version of yourself with looks as the bonus.

As a competitive college lacrosse athlete, Cristina found her love in off-season training for the sport and began her passion for athletic training and education in fitness outside of lacrosse in determination to become a better athlete.

She completed her certification for personal training through NASM and was training fellow athletes and classmates shortly after. After graduating, Cristina made her passion her career by training in some of the most prestigious gyms in Los Angeles as well as coaching successful seasons with UCLA and Occidental College’s women’s lacrosse team.

Cristina’s dedication to her own physique has transferred to helping others discover the same in themselves. With over 8 years of experience in athletic training for sport, she brings her creative and motivating style of circuit training to her clients to create optimum results. Her style of training brings a highly efficient form of weights, body weight and plyometric cardio movements combined in both private sessions, boot camp workshops and fitness classes.