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Paulina Lagudi was a competitive dancer for over 10 years before she started teaching group fitness and personal training.

Paulina has taught everything from bootcamp, aerobics, kickboxing, kettle bell class, stretch class, yoga, mat Pilates, pole fitness, dance, barre fitness, and burlesque.

She has competed in both a bikini competition and pole fitness competitions, and now trains in Krav Maga. She’s also a certified Level 1 instructor for that martial art.

Paulina’s understanding of the body emerged from having to both overcome a slew of her own injuries and from interning at the OC Goodwill Fitness Center back in college. The OC Goodwill Fitness Center specialized in rehabilitating people with severe and permanent injuries.

However, what separates Paulina from other trainers out there and has allowed her to connect with clients more than anything else, is her experience overcoming an eating disorder that lasted 7 years. So many women and men she trains deal with this, and being able to understand them and help them has been the most fulfilling part of being a trainer.