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Shaun Anthony, a Los Angeles native, is a passionate coach with a great sense of humor and has logged thousands of hours training both individuals as well as group fitness classes. An adaptive trainer, he has designed multiple fitness programs for both novice and experienced athletes ranging from youth to the elderly.

Sean has a background consisting of traditional CrossFit, cardio interval training, and TRX. Sean has been an avid CrossFitter for five years now and a certified coach for four. Sean has also developed the programming for a few of the many CrossFit boxes in Southern California Shaun has had the pleasure of working at.

On top of his fitness career, Shaun loves sports and played soccer throughout his youth and still does every week. Shaun is excited to be a part of the team at Mobile Fitness Group and looks forward to bringing his competitive nature, years of experience, and approachable personality to the team! Go Lakers.